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We are working on providing resources for the United States to Gamble Responsible.

^ 21st Feb 2023

  • We have added some resources for the U.S (21st - 22nd) & more are on the way!

  • Our website Is under maintenance, Adding new pages & information - expected to be complete by 25th of February. But Don't Worry you can access everything as normal!

  • 3rd March - We have updated the website & We are working behind the scenes with partnerships & promotions to help you

June 2023

  • Gamble Responsible is excited to introduce AUSRUSH, our new initiative aimed at making fitness more affordable and accessible. Although operating under a separate name, AUSRUSH is a key part of our mission to foster healthier, happier lifestyles.

  • We're establishing partnerships with fitness centers across Australia to offer our community members discounted rates, helping to ease financial stress and promote active living.

  • Keep an eye out for updates as we progress in turning this vision into reality, and remember: a healthier, happier lifestyle is within your reach with Gamble Responsible and AUSRUSH.


Domain News:

We have purchased new domains, such as:



Our New Domains that are connected to Gamble Responsible (

  • - Australian Fitness

  • Syd.Fitness - Sydney Fitness


  • is & will always be the original website but having these domains will help us achieve our goals & to help more people.

Time Delays: 16 July

Unfortunately all of our Projects for Gamble Responsible will take longer than expected.

Why? Well There is only one person running all 5 domains, & It is hard. I am working towards creating some clothing or merchandise to help support Gamble Responsible.

What will I use the money for?

  • Upgrade / & or Renew the current plan.

  • Domain Renewal

  • More reach to Gamble Responsible

  • Inventory

  • & a couple more.

But I need your help to continue!

19th July - 27th Posted

We created a! &

If you would like to support us via Paypal, You can Click the button below or copy this link: or @GambleResponsible

  • If you choose to support us through Paypal - (Founder: I Truely Appreciate your support!! Thank you!)


27th July - Changed 30th July


(Deleted - 30th July) - We will update if we remove it.

We are working on a way to view the total number of people who have viewed us.

Since the current plan, We can only view the past 3 Days, 7 Days & 30 Days after that. Its gone.

Here is What we currently see:

  1. Sessions over time - 3d,7d & 30d

  2. Sessions by Country

  3. Sessions by device - Only Categories Mobile & Desktop.

28th July:

We are still working updating & building things for you! Behind the scenes!.

Updated - Analytics:

30th July:


(30th July) - I have removed the Analytics Trial because It didn't fit for our use.

But Gamble Responsible is now using Google Analytics - To Count how many users have viewed our website.

We Have Reached a Milestone!

18th August 2023 - 20th August

Our 1st Partnership!

We are proud to announce that Yesterday we have made a Partnership with a Road Fitness Gym.

Thanks to Road Fitness is allowing us at Gamble Responsible to help more people who are struggling with gambling addictions.

Stay tuned for more updates & more information regarding our partnership will be coming soon

From 30th July - August 17th

Working behind the scenes:

I have been busy working on our store for Gamble Responsible, Aus.Fitness & AusRush which hopefully will be accessible soon Via Syd.Fitness!

Reviewing our analytics, We are getting hundreds of views a day, Visiting our helpline & support references. So in this next coming week I will publish some more Resources & Information.

30th - 31st August:

Added some more Helplines & updated additional resources.

31st August:

Added the full list of USA Helpline - Gamblers Anonymous